six elements balance performance and growth

How To Harmonizing The Six “Nuts And Bolts” Of Performance And Growth

Fundamentals of Success Rituals for Balance, work, and Life

Do you want to create balance in your life?

If yes, then you need to know the six areas of success that will make it happen. For each part is just as important as the next, ignore them at your peril! Because if you want to be able to function at your best as you need to feel that you are NOT lacking in your life and remember this: what you focus on – you tend to get.

Why waste your time to fill the void with the wrong things?

Did you know we all perform a series of actions, rituals if you’d like, to deal with the general well-being of work and life?

Physical Well-being

how much value do you put on your physical health? You shouldn’t need to be told how much y9ourphysial health is valuable! What use is it to have had the whole world, and indeed that is more valuable without good health?

Look after yourself and cultivate your physical well-being. Just think about it because if you don’t:

You’ll be spending your hard-earned money spending an absolute fortune on medications and doctors or succumb to an early grave! Sincerely, it would help if you didn’t have the least in your life; I want you to have the very best.

So, what can you do to assist you in keeping healthy?

Good health consists of four central primary principles based on…

And, these make up the array of what I call the six absolute fundamentals…

Let’s talk about Emotions…

Have you ever tried to decide when under duress stress?

Was it the right choice for you?

As humans, emotional creatures and having emotions has a direct effect on your mind. If you are not in a state of mind that is not healthy or is unstable, the ability to make objective decisions is terrible and wreak potential havoc on your life. Circumstances can become very drastic. Haven’t we all had times in our life when we’ve experienced this and certainly heard or read about such things.

I’ve explained each area of the vital nuts and bolts of performance and growth that correlate with each other. For example:

Can you remember a time – like getting involved in an argument with a loved one? How did you feel?

Did you ever feel angry?

– It’s at that point you have a choice: To either calm down and disassociate from the negative state or continue with it. It’s up to you!

Even with positive emotions, you can control that too.

Just suppose you got too excited or too happy, don’t you think you can still make a wrong choice when a difficult decision must be made?

To explain further with an example:

You can get over-enthusiastic and spend money on things you don’t need. The money you worked hard for goes into some else’s pocket when you could have made a better choice by investing in something that will increase your income or increase your quality of life.

Better choices lead to qualified life, which means controlling how you feel – that is about creating balance in everything you do.

Social Interactions

There are two types of relationships. The relationships we have with ourselves (called interactions) and the relationships with others (called Intra-actions) and how we use communication with ourselves and with others affect our health and emotional well-being.

The quality of y our life is the quality of our communication – Tony Robbins.

Yes, our interactions do affect health and emotional well-being. ( I repeated this line because it’s just so damn important and must be noticed)

Just suppose you’re in a toxic relationship – even after a short while, say a few minutes. It can leave you feeling a complete loss or absence of hope, even anger, causing the path to unwitting unhappiness, which in turn can lead to other negative emotions such as rage and depression. It will affect your forward movement in life either by:

  1. Affect your progress
  2. Losing time to work
  3. Making awful decisions

Which will ultimately fail!

Can you focus on healthy relationships – first with yourself? Which can create heaven on Earth for you? Because You’ll be at peace because your heart will be full of love and your mind will be full of happy thoughts and another benefit – you’ll function better too!

You’ll be a better human being.

[Sidebar: I make no apology if the above statement sounds esoteric. However, I want to strongly emphasize the inner reward for controlling your inner speech has on your emotions.]

For you’ll find Getting up in the morning will be a breeze and you’ll feel more grateful too! Because you’ll spend valuable time with the ones you love, you don’t need to rush and even commute to won’t be much to bother you, plus you’ll have plenty of time to be organized in the morning.

We’ve already established how relationships have an impact on your life. It’s an excellent bet to examine your relationships.

For example, if you’re a person who makes you feel toxic, ask yourself why you are around someone who makes you feel ill?

Why on Earth would you want to be around someone who punches out all the joy and hope out of you?

Be around people (and this applies to friends/associates and family) who inspire you with sparkling ideas and make your life – better quality. These are the people you need!

Anyone toxic, disconnect from that person.

I mean, don’t just walk away, RUN!!

Your Calling

In your work, you are someone who either loves or hates the job. Interestingly, it’s easy to observe, in others and you can bet a coffee and a donut, it will be easy to notice in you. Also, which makes the feeling to be born to do something essential, something else worthwhile to them. If it’s the latter, don’t you feel you’d not be better off in another field of work. Something you aspire to do to some degree, born to do something other than what your current role has you doing?

If this, is you, I hope you have the foresight to get up and get moving to something you enjoy doing and not live a life in quiet desperation?

Whether you’re working for someone else or working on your own, you must LOVE your job. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your precious time.

It would be best if you felt fulfilled – no matter what you face daily.

You must find that role, career, business that has its resting place in your HEART. Because if not, your mind will just not be satisfied, and that leads to depression.

In work you enjoy doing, it will almost seem like a breeze, you’ll be satisfied, and focus is achieved without significant effort and presents few difficulties that become uncomplicated. And if you express absolute joy in your career or business, how can failure be an option?


“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale.” – Zig Ziglar

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness

What do you want?

These are usually at the heart of all our desires.

For some people, becoming rich can take years of hard work; for others, just one investment made in a moment can make one immensely wealthy. However, it is a bad investment, and in a minute, it’s all lost! The result is you’ll lose your money, all of it.

What’s the point?

You could be unhappy not having money, and there’s a multitude of reasons why that may be.

  • Perhaps, difficulty in supporting your family or yourself.
  • A lack of money can prevent you from investing in your career or business.

Flip the other side of the coin. Still, you could have lots of money and be as miserable as Ebenezer Scrooge, given the fact of an unbalance in one of the critical areas of success. Some people spend money to impress people, and you’ll find most wealthy people are humble.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, is one of the richest men on Earth. You’ve heard in the news for various reasons, and especially for his philanthropy. Has topped different billionaire lists for years. He’s got it all: yet, travels on economy class on airplanes when traveling, this man can afford his private jet, multiple times over!!

Then there is another of America’s richest men, Warren Buffet.

Many years ago, he purchased his home for less than $40,000 (USD) – still, he makes billions with just his flip phone, which hasn’t been replaced for any high-tech cell phone available today and still is content to live in his $40,000 home.

As well as being Billionaires, they also have something else in common, they give heavily to charitable organizations or started a charity into operation. You read in the various media how the affluent individuals, even after death, are sharing their fortunes to charities.

To their credit, Mr. Gates and his (soon-to-be ex-wife), Melinda, have a grant-making foundation that gives away billions to benefit different charities worldwide and encourage other billionaires to donate some of their fortunes to the less fortunate.

You might be thinking right now, what’s my purpose in telling you all this?

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. You are giving back to the less fortunate. As you practice with the other principles, this one habit is most certainly a habit you should develop and ingrained into your character.

Only give what you can afford, and as your income increases, you increase the portion for charity.


No matter where you are, power is found all around you, from the time you spend in nature, to meditation, to any practice of religion.

Grounded energy can keep you close to both your personal feelings and help you work through anxiety and emotions, ensuring you make sound and critical judgments.

Find what works best for you. Such examples of energy cultivation could include:

  • Qigong,
  • Tai-Chi,
  • Reiki,
  • Deep breathing techniques,
  • Meditation,
  • Moderate exercise
  • Consume only quality foods and adjusting your diet:
  • By cutting down or eliminate caffeine,
  • Excess sugar,
  • Drink more ‘pure’ water,
  • Eat more protein,
  • Eat small meals more frequently
  • Get enough of the miracle that is sleep

[Of course, the aim of this article is not giving health advice, when you are considering a change in your eating and exercise regimen, it is highly advisable to consult your medical practitioner/GP for guidance and recommendations.]

Lastly, I’d like to leave you these six ways to empower yourself, practice:

  1. Exercise
  2. You must eat healthily and ensure you have adequate rest.
  3. Get up early in the mornings.
  4. Make plans in your journal for the following day before you go to your beds at night and evaluate your day’s activities.
  5. Find time to unwind so you can become less tense or anxious. Spend some quality time with those you love.
  6. Invest in yourself by increasing your knowledge about the field you are in and learning how to spend your money wisely.


Why not take the plunge? Okay, your situation may not improve immediately, nor tomorrow, or the next week, but what’s worse? Tell people you failed to discover easy ways to be thankful or save embarrassment for everything in your life to balance your performance and let your life grow?

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