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Self-Confidence Assessment   ALL STRONG ACHIEVERS HAVE ONE CHARACTERISTIC OVERWHELMINGLY IN COMMON: THEY ARE SELF-CONFIDENT Discover Your Current Level of Self-Confidence and How to Take Action Toward Building Greater Confidence in Yourself! Your Areas of Strength and how You Can Captialize on Them! Your Areas of Weakness and How You can Immeditately Sart to Improve … Read more

How to Be Mentally Strong

How to Be Mentally Strong: xx Ways to Build Mental Toughness If you want to get ahead in life, you have to beat the other guy at his own game. – You can’t win if you don’t play. – It’s not how hard you hit but where you land that counts. Techniques for Mental Toughness: … Read more

Success Starts with Self Mastery

Success Starts with Self Mastery: 5 Ways to Conquer Fears and Doubts for Entrepreneurs “You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself…the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. …And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He … Read more

Why These 5 Prove – Being Weird is Beautiful

5 Characters from History Proves Being Weird is Beautiful Being Weird is Beautiful – How 5 of History Explains the Unexpected Benefits of Being Weird There’s something special about being weird.  It’s not just that we love being weird.  It’s also that we get paid for it.  We make tons of money from our weirdness.  … Read more

Success-Inspiring Quotes

success inspiring quotes Success-Inspiring Quotes Inspirations can motivate and inspire us when we need them the most. Positive thinking is vital to a happy, successful life. If you grumble and think negative thoughts about every situation, you will focus on the negatives of every circumstance. You won’t see any positives. You will miss out … Read more

5 Tips – Importance of focus in business

Importance of focus in business – 5 Ways to Become More Focused For Entrepreneurial Success! Importance of focus in business or as an Entrepreneur Do You Focus On What You Want, And Not What You Want To Avoid You do this by mastering your attention If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you … Read more

six elements balance performance and growth

How To Harmonizing The Six “Nuts And Bolts” Of Performance And Growth Fundamentals of Success Rituals for Balance, work, and Life Do you want to create balance in your life? If yes, then you need to know the six areas of success that will make it happen. For each part is just as important as … Read more

Got Self-control? Be More Successful!

Do you have self-control? Why is Self-discipline important – Be More Successful! Who does not wish for success, good relationships, health, and happiness? Who doesn’t want to be happy? Self-help experts tell us to set goals, break tasks into subtasks, set priorities, keep a journal, and maintain a positive attitude even when we fall behind. … Read more

5 Must Haves For a Good Morning Routine

Five Must-Haves In Your Morning Routine To Live Your Best Productive Life Five Must-Haves In Your Morning Routine To Live Your Best Productive Life You may have spent your time researching what method should be and what time they start your day. Is the idea of a morning routine new to you? There are some … Read more

Strengthen your brain and succeed!

Improve Your Brain Thinking Skills – How to Beef Up Your Brain And Be A Success Your Memory Is One of The Most Valuable Resources You Have and when It Comes to Understanding Your Brain Having A strategy for learning is very Intelligent! Is it making your life complicated…maybe even unbearable because you want to … Read more

Who Else Wants to Succeed?

Discover What is Mind Map and When It Is Useful – Who Else Wants to Be Successful? Is there anything that mind maps can help you with? How do you keep a long-life to-do list or notes for educational or professional purposes? You must be a person who can organize their thoughts and ideas and … Read more

3 Tips – How to Improve Memory Retention

3 Tips – Discover How to Improve Memory Retention You Must Work on Being the Best Version of Yourself If You Want to Become A Better Performer than make your memory limitless! Do you believe you You Able to improve memory retention ? A poll done by the University of Illinois in August of 2011 showed … Read more

How to develop mental toughness?

How to Develop Mental Toughness? You would need to get mentally tough to be mentally prepared to face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges to achieve your full potential. How do you usually respond when confronted with a sudden challenge or change? Do you see it as a test or an opportunity to expand your capacity to … Read more

Meditation to Find Happiness

Meditation to Find Happiness Is meditation the key to happiness and positivity? Are you unhappy today because of various everyday challenges and tragedies, or are you unhappy on principle? Happiness is the product of positive thought and positive action, with a little luck thrown in for good measure. In a nutshell, it is the result … Read more

Morning Rituals Ideas for Success and Productivity

7 Morning Rituals Ideas for Success and Productivity Win The Day by Wining The Morning One of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, had advocated ‘Early to bed and Early to Rise, Makes a Man (or woman) Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. If you’ve ever read his autobiography, then you’ll learn he lived up to his word. … Read more

5 Steps to a Productive Morning

morning routine Is the idea of a morning routine new to you?  You may have spent your time researching what method should be and what time they start your day. There are some short cuts and all kinds of plans for starting the day off in the best way possible. Those ideals will not take … Read more