Why These 5 Prove – Being Weird is Beautiful

5 Characters from History Proves Being Weird is Beautiful


Being Weird is Beautiful – How 5 of History Explains the Unexpected Benefits of Being Weird

There’s something special about being weird.  It’s not just that we love being weird.  It’s also that we get paid for it.  We make tons of money from our weirdness.  We’ve made enough money from being peculiar to quit our day jobs and become full-time weird.

Being Weird is beautiful!

This article will share some characters from history and the present day, their unexpected benefits of being weird, and why being weird is fun, profitable, and even sexy.  But most importantly, once you’ve discovered these fascinating characters, YOU will know how to be quirky!  And you won’t be able to stop being weird.  You’ll be addicted to being weird!

But before you do anything else, you must first decide whether you’re willing to be weird.  Because if you aren’t ready to be unconventional, you shouldn’t read further…If you are willing to be weird, you’re in the right place…Welcome to The World of Bizarre!

Being Weird is Beautiful and Is Not a Fault.

It’s possible to be both weird and successful.  Many famous people have successfully embraced peculiarity and made it their own.  Being distinctive and accepting of who you have is this strength.

Suppose you want to be confident that you are being weird with all of your heart.  In that case, you must be okay with the concept that you will be different from the people you meet regularly.

There is a lot of weirdness out there that uses it as fuel for personal development, so you need to work hard to be this person every day for your mental health.

If you need the inspiration to start appreciating your uniqueness, look at these instances of people who were quirky and made the most of it.

First, let us talk about…

Milton Hershey.

Suppose they said they owned a candy company.  In that case, you’d assume someone wasn’t unusual and deliriously happy to eat chocolate all day.  The exception to this rule was Milton Hershey.

He was a little eccentric and did not always get along with everyone he interacted with.  His first idea for creating sweets was not warmly appreciated, so he had to return to his family’s farm to develop his recipe alone.

He was able to build the candy that would serve as the basis for a wildly successful, multimillion-dollar business that is still in existence today.  He became successful due to his journey toward adopting his unique vision.

Being odd isn’t necessarily an issue when you’re creative and allowing others’ skepticism to undermine your creative vision will only harm you in the long run.

You should be convinced of the importance of pursuing your particular ambitions and aspirations despite mockery and rejection by the Hershey Company’s history.

People who create novel items and crafts believe the impossible is almost always seen as weird.  Because of something in the social fabric we have built, we tend to characterize those who defy social norms as dangerously strange or unusual.

Weird people often have a lot of this quality.  Their tenacity has led to very successful professions and the formation of extraordinarily lucrative businesses.

If you’ve ever been worried about being odd or different and how it might affect your ability to find a job you love or start a business, you only need to look at Milton Hershey’s story to see how he overcame prejudice and a lack of support to found one of the largest candy manufacturing companies in history.

Now let us bring things up-to-date and start talking about Social Media Mogul.

Mark Zuckerberg

A classic case of a nerd who struggled to fit in, even though he is well-known today for various reasons.  Although he was intelligent and a good student, his peers didn’t usually like him since he was weird.

His first driving force behind starting Facebook was ensuring he could set up love connections with girls because he struggled to meet friends and arrange dates.

Later, he expanded on the idea to make it simpler for other socially awkward individuals to connect with the girls they had difficulty engaging with in class and find dates.

Although the great success of Facebook may have been an accident, he was at the center of the site’s development from the start.  He made significant decisions along the way, proving his solid grasp of the social dynamics of online life.

Because he was a unique thinker who found it difficult to communicate socially with people his age, he developed a website that would propel many people into social health in ways they could never have managed without his direction.

Given the current worth of Facebook, there should be no question in anyone’s mind that Mark Zuckerberg has substantially profited from his eccentric and outspoken attitude.

He keeps up his unabashed eccentricity and upholds the principles that got him to where he is now.  He hasn’t always been popular doing this, but what’s more important is that he has had remarkable success.

Staying in the 21st Century, let us talk about a female comedian with an unusual comedic approach.

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Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer’s remarkable comedic and eccentric attitude has drawn much criticism over the years.  She’s repeatedly been told that she may be more successful if she tried mainstream comedy, shed some pounds, and committed to living in Hollywood like an average person in her position.

She has been herself for years and has never yielded to this pressure.

Many people see her as a role model for those who generally do not have a voice in the media since she is not hesitant to make fun of herself or the crowd while she is on stage.

Although she regularly claims that she could have had tremendous success over the years if she had changed, she likes to raise sensitive themes.

While addressing cultural issues and the difficulties faced by women who are not slender and successful, she has highlighted the essential things.  She may come across as obnoxious and harsh to some.  Still, she has ensured that many people are aware of several societal concerns and issues others have ignored for years.

Even though she occasionally receives criticism for being a comedian who goes too far, Schumer has taken care to defend the correct causes multiple times.

She continuously emphasizes that the average woman never gets what she deserves even though advertising and other media sources claim to be thinking about and communicating with her regularly.  She is a strong proponent of activism and women’s rights.

Now let us go to the 20th Century and talk about a Physics pioneer, the one and only …

Albert Einstein

When people are asked to think of famous people who have struggled to find love and acceptance for their eccentricities, Einstein’s name is almost always at the top of the list.

That’s a famous example of a man who was so intelligent that he felt alone and alone-minded for the majority of his life.

Even though he struggled in his personal life, he nevertheless created some of the scientific and mathematical ideas that are the cornerstone of contemporary science.

He has kept his position as one of the finest minds of both his and our periods.  There aren’t many minds as brilliant in recorded history.

Despite his inability to form many long-lasting friendships or partnerships, Einstein showed throughout his life that success does not always depend on one’s ability to interact with others.  Even though he lacked social skills, he was admired for his brilliance.

He was able to use what could have been a fatal lack of social connections as fuel for his desire to understand how science and life worked.

Einstein has come to be associated with a lack of common sense, partly because of his often disheveled appearance in his later years.  In popular culture, he was portrayed as able to solve the mathematical equations needed to understand the cosmos but usually appeared flustered and unable to tie his shoes.

Even while it wasn’t a fair assessment of his ability to manage his life, it did show how cruelly he had been treated up to this time.

Einstein can see that being a little different does not entail being foolish or insufficient and that being ordered does not suggest brilliance.

Family life may have provided some distractions for Einstein, who was notorious for having difficulty connecting with his wife and children.  That allowed him to concentrate on trying to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.

Though his mind was better suited to mathematical discovery than social interaction, he was nonetheless able to come up with some unique concepts that occasionally went unnoticed.

Despite financial difficulties, he could go ahead in his studies because others in his field of interest encouraged him to do so.

Einstein’s ability to persist in thinking unconventionally and creatively for years and years of his life, solving issues that had baffled other bright minds, is another of his lasting accomplishments.

Let’s go back to the 1700 and talk about, arguably one of America’s real greats, definitely provocative.  Let us talk about one of America’s establishing founders and a true polymath…

Benjamin Franklin

The perfect example of a reasonably eccentric person who managed to rise to popularity and has an impact on the world for years after his death is Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States and recognized as one of the weirdest people of his day!

Franklin was prone to attention spikes for extended lengths of time as he experimented and studied new things.  He also had a tendency to get overly interested.

He was well-known in various political circles in both the US and France, and he successfully outlined many qualities that distinguished America from other countries.  Because of his wit and zest for life, he was a prolific writer.

During his lifetime, he had a lasting impression on many people.  He had several interests and was utterly captivated by people.

His interest in anything life-related caused him to become somewhat distant from others.  Yet, he could use this particular circumstance to focus on what he was genuinely enthusiastic about.

Franklin was known to take daily air showers so that he would go about his home naked regardless of the cold outside.

He believed that the skin needed a lot of air to allow the mind to think, even though it doesn’t appear that the temperature of the spaces he was working in had any impact on his creativity.

He also changed his attitudes and actions towards a range of societal issues.  Later in life, he fought against slavery and faced harsh criticism for it.

Franklin’s alleged “odd-starts” were as well-known as his extraordinary genius.  Throughout the founding of America, he was asked to aid in several political matters due to his famous “odd-starts.”

As many people would have told you, he was undoubtedly the muscular man they had ever met.  His love of learning and experimenting was well known.  His spirit of adventure took him to many places and provided him with opportunities that “ordinary” people did not have.

Franklin’s extraordinary intelligence was so well known during his life that he became associated with problem-solving efforts and thinking beyond the box.  Being strange can occasionally be a considerable asset.

Because this was a better legacy than many others he left behind, people continue to look to him as an example of how inventive intellect and steadfast dedication to an idea can be fruitful.

Suppose you have ever wanted to influence others but didn’t think you could because you were strange or weird.  In that case, Franklin’s complete life narrative should show how false this idea is.

Why Being weird is beautiful!

And if you’re wondering why being weird might benefit you, here’s why:

First off, being different from everyone else makes us stand out.  That means that when we go into new situations, we have the freedom to explore without worrying about fitting in.

Second, being weird gives us the ability to express ourselves freely.  We can say whatever we like, whenever we want, because nobody will judge us.

Finally, being weird allows us to connect with others on a deeper level.  When we share ideas and feelings, we become closer than ever before.  So next time you feel stuck in a rut, remember that being weird is beautiful.

To you Success 🙂


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