5 Steps to a Productive Morning

morning routine

Is the idea of a morning routine new to you? 

You may have spent your time researching what method should be and what time they start your day.

There are some short cuts and all kinds of plans for starting the day off in the best way possible.

Those ideals will not take any financial investment from you just  a little bit of will power, time, and effort.

First of all, you need to have to believe in yourself and be sure that you can always make life better because improving your morning is more to do with your frame of mind frame.

If you don’t accept your work, that is because your mind is not ready.

You can never get the life you desire and by complaining , you know that’s a  waste of your time,  and there is advantage of positively motivated morning routine.

A negative morning routine mostly happens due to improper thoughts.
When your mind is not ready then, you cannot correctly entertain the idea of getting up earlier than you usually have and with full concentration.

You need to have some passion about changing your habits, and without that passion, your ritual will be just another routine.

Below I outline five points that meet the better you to take a punch in your morning method.

1. The Early Bird Does Get The Worm.

That means to trust your sleep cycles and wake up when best suited for you.

A journal is useful because you note the wake-up time that’s best for you and the time you go to sleep, making sure you get enough sleep.

Many books and articles of gurus make their start at 5am, some even sooner.

I’m not recommending that to you, you have to decide what time is beneficial for you. 

If you have difficulty falling asleep that’s usually because you are exhausted from lack of sleep. 

2. Mindless Decision Making!

Ensure, when you start your day, there is no decision-making, that process should be done in the evening before, so you make preset decisions.

Don’t spend your first few minutes clumsily deciding on what you want to choose.

Deciding what you intend to do that day if you wish to you if you’re going to impact your daily work for you use those first few moments to go through the routine you’ve created.

3. Out of Groggy comes Feeling Great!

When you wake up, you won’t feel great. More likely, you’ll feel groggy coming out of Sleep.  It is never relaxing to get out of a comfortable bed! 

But still, get your mind to focus you could start by gelling or beginning the process of your day we are looking to do is engage your brain from sleep to activity that doesn’t have to be severe, or life-changing get your motor running.

4. Hydrate and Move

It is difficult getting out of bed in the morning, particularly at stupid o’clock. (4  or 5am) If you have a weak will, and especially on a cold morning.  Resist the urge to sip hot coffee and tea and snuggle up on your couch.

You are far better by hydrating and moving.

Consuming liquid such as water or juice, and  what with the benefits of movement, wake you up faster and get the blood flowing almost effortlessly

I suggest doing simple insert gentle exercises, suck as walking, gentle yoga,  fountain of youth.  If you want you can do 5am cross trainer class, but it’s up to you!

5. The first task should always be the hardest

Do your feared thing first!

Get it done as soon as possible.  If it’s a work-based task, and of course, wait until you’re at work, no matter you’ll  be glad you got it over with because you’ve conquered your fear.


Starting and maintaining a morning ritual is not easy. It is challenging, and so is life-changing.  

How you do things starting your day earlier, adjusting your routine to accommodate sleep enough your method will be the basis of setting you up for your success.

Do you want to stay energetic and productive throughout the day? Having a morning ritual is your solution.

A daily morning ritual makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, with excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Today I want to introduce you to someone I look up to, his name is Stefan James. 

Stefan has a very successful YouTube channel called “Project Life Mastery” with over 1,000,000 subscribers where he helps and inspires hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every week.

What Stefan is doing every morning has CHANGED HIS LIFE more than anything else.

This is why he created an amazing program called “Morning Ritual Mastery” where he teaches people how to be more productive, happy, and healthy with a daily morning routine.

Inside this program Stefan shares with you powerful habits, rituals, and technologies that you won’t learn anywhere else.

How would your life change if you made some EASY shifts to your morning habits?

How much more could you achieve? How much more money could you make if you increased your productivity by 20%?

How about your body and health? How would your fitness improve if you got your day off to a healthy start?

How would your relationships change if you showed gratitude to your loved ones?

How would your own happiness and fulfillment improve if you meditated every day?

As the great philosopher Aristotle said:

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Change your habits and rituals, and you’ll change your life.

To your success